Callback report--

I worked this morning on Frasier at Paramount and then had to return this afternoon for the Sabrina callback. The only reason I mention that is because I think the mental aspect of auditioning can be so important. And to work as an actor all morning on the lot provided me with more than a little confidence as I returned to Melrose and Gower for part two of the Rick Millikan adventure.

As I entered the trailer, I saw one of the most unpleasant sights you can see at an audition... a room full of people waiting to audition. Probably fifteen people sat in chairs and paced the room waiting for their chance to read. And I had to jump in line behind them all. Going to be a long afternoon.

Or is it? As I scribbled my John Hancock on the sign-in sheet, Rick emerged from the audition room and saw me signing in. "Hi, John," he offered as if we've been friends for a long time. Cool. "Hey, are you ready to go in right now, because I just read a Wayne and you're the only other one here." More cool. In I went, passing up the throng of aspiring actors as they bumped me up to first class, so to speak.

The audition went very well. I got a laugh or two in a couple places I wasn't really expecting one. (The writer must have been in the room.) And my lines came out very confident and relaxed, perhaps a tad over the top, but Rick had not mentioned toning it down ever, so over the top was probably the better side to err on. And voila. Everyone seemed very happy when I was done. (No, not happy that I was done, happy when I was done.) Even if it does not result in a job on Sabrina next week, I think Rick was happy with what I did. Hey, Mulder and Scully, need a new rookie partner?

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