Audition report--

I had never met Rick Millikan before but had long seen his name in the closing credits of The X-Files so it was cool to be heading over to the Fox lot to read for him. And even though I would not be reading for the new FBI trainee under Mulder and Scully, ABC's TGIF line-up would still be a welcome home. As silly as the show may sound, the two or three times I watched it, I thought it was actually quite clever.

The role of Wayne Kraft is the late 20s/early 30s rock producer looking for a new band for a show he's producing (or something like that) and is the son of Martin Mull's character, who's a regular on the show. Not traditionally my bread and butter, but maybe this is one of those slightly preppie rock producers that we really don't hear enough about.

The audition went well, nothing ground-breaking, no goof ups. No real feedback from Rick, either, except to say, "I'm going to bring you back for producers. Just do it exactly the way you just did it." But I guess you could argue that's about the best feedback you can get.

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