Oh Grow Up Review

USA Today July 30, 1999


Chastened ABC dabbles in diversity

Added minority characters may be fall lineup's main attraction

It's amazing how a firestorm can change a network's point of view. ABC's top executives opened their remarks to a meeting of TV critics with a pledge to do better and a recognition that the network, in the words of ABC Entertainment chief Stu Bloomberg, is "not as diverse as it should be."

Actually, diversity is a good theme for ABC's fall lineup -- and not just in race. In terms of quality, ABC probably has the most diverse shows of any network. The positive side of the ledger starts with Once & Again, a family drama from thirtysomething's Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, that is one of the few new shows to generate positive word-of-mouth. The network also has the cute comedy Oh Grow Up, a better-than-average sitcom in broadcasters' by-and-large dreadful fall crop.

--Robert Bianco

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