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Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 22, 1999

'Oh Grow Up': Three guys, a girl and a bachelor pad

Oh Grow Up isn't the same show as Grown Ups, Jaleel White's new comedy on UPN. Well, actually it is. But it's on Jaleel's old network, ABC, and it doesn't have Jaleel in it.

Also, where Grown Ups has two guys coping with the responsibilities of adulthood, Oh Grow Up has three: Hunter, Norris and Ford. Hunter and Norris are bachelors who have taken in Ford as a third roommate because Ford separated from his wife, Suzanne, upon realizing that he's gay. Life gets zanier when Hunter, the group's designated lothario, meets Chloe, the 18-year-old daughter he never knew he had.

Warning: The resulting hilarity could lead to mild chuckling. But you can do just as well with those little jokelets in Reader's Digest. Otherwise, you'll have to listen to lines like this: "I could be happy selling catheters again. I could. Some people just see it as a tube you pee through, but I'm looking at it from the other side."

And that's from Norris (David Alan Basche), the one without issues. Better that the guys grow up, move away and bequeath the show to Niesha Trout, who plays Chloe. She's pretty funny.

Parental guideline rating: TV-PG. Grade: C

-- John Levesque
Post-Intelligencer TV Critic

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