Oh Grow Up Review

Just Out, October 15, 1999

At times, Oh Grow Up feels like a retread of so many other sitcoms populated by urban singles. What distinguishes this show is that when Ford, played with rather sweet naivete by John Ducey, leaves his wife and moves in with two straight male friends and announces he's gay, it doesn't seem to cause much of a ripple. In fact, his buddies immediately set to fixing him up with their other gay friends.

After his first mismatched blind date, Ford announces: 'Why did I agree to this? I don't need a date, I just need better videos.' What's remarkable is that this show doesn't seem to be about Ford's gayness, but about him learning to live his life as a gay man. After he successfully lures his second date back to his place, we hear his inner thoughts in a voice-over: "Wow, I really am gay!'

Later, after he finds out his date wasn't gay, he complains to his roomies: 'I can't believe I spent a whole night with a guy who was trying to sell me insurance. What am I gonna do? I have no gaydar.'

'You and me both, baby,' is the quick retort from Ford's ex-wife who is surprisingly friendly to her newly queer former husband.

While there's enough hetero action from the other two guys to draw a mixed audience, it feels Oh Grow Up might just elevate the portrayal of gays on television.

-- Oriana Green

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