Oh Grow Up Review

Cincinati Post, September 22, 1999

'The West Wing' timely and sharp

Also debuting tonight is the lackluster ABC comedy Oh Grow Up, which is about three buddies who seem to represent three of the fundamental archetypes of the American male.

(Another of the characters is a talking dog, who - for some male-bashers - also represents about 99.9 percent of American males.)

Hunter (Stephen Dunham) is a womanizer who seems to be convinced that the best relationships last about one night.

''I really like her, Norm. [sic] I think she might be the one,'' Hunter tells his best buddy minutes after the Babe of the Day has disappeared. ''You didn't happen to catch her name?''

The third buddy is Ford (John Ducey), a preppy lawyer who has left his wife and moved in with his friends after coming to the realization that he's gay.

The pilot episode unfolds rather predictably after Hunter discovers that he has an 18-year-old daughter, Chloe (Neisha Trout), who may prove to be one of the few characters in the series who doesn't need to be told that it's time for her to start behaving like an adult.

-- Greg Paeth

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