Episode 112 Run-Through
November 19, 1999

I had a weird day on the set today. It must be the cloud of cancellation hovering over me and the show. I just felt out of sorts. Ford has a couple of juicy moments in this episode so that's nice, but an earlier fight scene isn't very well fleshed out and the rest of my input in the first half of the show is minimal. I have been feeling less and less like an integral part of the show. And as I mentioned last time, I feel a certain powerlessness to do anything about it.

So what's the counter-argument? There are five leads on ths show. Not everyone has an A-story every week. And one of my episodes with Sal was leap-frogged in production so I lost an A-story episode as well. Also, I may just be channeling my concern about the show disappearing from my life into a made-up discontent wth the show. Who knows? Whatever the cause, today was just a little funky.

It ended on a sour note as well. The word is official today. The show is going to shut down production after we shoot this episode Tuesday night. No more Oh Grow Up until at least January, at most ever. We will air two original episodes on December 7 and December 14 and depending on the ratings those two shows get, our fate will be sealed. Until then, I guess we'll all just spend some time at home on the computer typing up a website. Or at least I will.

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