Episode 112 Table Read
November 17, 1999

My goodness, what an episode. Today we began to tackle the most complicated Oh Grow Up ever assembled. From blizzard-like weather conditions to all sorts of romantic entanglements, Episode 12 is a bear. All five of us are basically trapped in the house for the entire episode with the inclusion of a few special guests. While the snow falls outside, sparks fly inside. Hunter, Suzanne, Chloe, Ford -- only Norris is immune to the bug. And Ford has some soul-searching to do. Of course, given that it's a sitcom, he'll find mostly jokes in his soul, but it's searching nonetheless. We didn't get a chance to run the big Ford/Suzanne scenes today so that magic will have to wait.

It's a good script. It is going to suffer on the chopping block tonight. There were many extra minutes. Of course, there always are but I think this one went way beyond the average. Some nuggets will have to go.

Also Liz and Freddie are both back, which is great.

Spirits on the set seem high, even though we shoot next week and then take an open-ended vacation from the show. And when I say 'vacation' it's really more of a 'leave without pay' situation. There is no net waiting to catch us. We work for four more days and then that may be the end of Oh Grow Up. I didn't think it could happen but now I get the uneasy feeling that ABC has nearly given up on us. We need good numbers when we return in December. That is all that can save us. I just don't think the network would push for the show unless the ratings supported it. Not too brave but that's the way the system works.

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