Episode 107 Table Read

October 6, 1999

We're back. We took another week off from this grueling work, and now we're back to shoot three more episodes. It's a great set-up. Not only is the work fun to do, but we even get a break from it once a month. (Oh yeah, and then the summer off. Talk about never growing up...)

Today's episode finds Ford a little light. The two main storylines are Suzanne/Norris and Hunter/Chloe. Ford just spends most of the show walking in on and listening in on conversations between everybody else. And I gotta say, that's great. Ford still needs a little more time to settle in, I think, before taking on the world in a whirlwind of gay storylines. We've seen Ford trying to date and spending some time at a gay bar. That's good for now. Don't want him to get too good at it too quickly. Where would the fun be in that? And what would middle America think of him then?

Maybe I'm being extra cautious because tonight they are airing Ford's first Big Gay Episode, #103, where he's involved with three separate guys throughout the episode. I think it's a hilarious show and one of the best we've done, but I fear the public's reaction to Ford. I don't want people to like the show 'except for that gay guy.' That would break my heart.

So this week, Ford gets to lay low. God bless him.

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