Episode 107 Shoot

October 12, 1999

So this was the week that Ford did very little. True. But at the same time, this is the week that Ford got to do a lot. The best thing about not having a major storyline running through the show is that you get to show up and make jokes. Since the plot never called for my input or presence, whenever I did open my mouth, it was usually to say something funny. That was great. And truth be told, I did have one pivotal, advice-giving scene, so I got to be the voice of reason for two minutes as well.

The episode turned out to be two completely different episodes occurring simultaneously. I had no scenes with Suzanne and almost none with David as they were off dealing with the gallery opening. Their adventures involved the crazy artist, Sven, and were very slapstick and ridiculous. Meanwhile, on the other side of Brooklyn, Hunter and Chloe were going through some major growing pains. They had a fantastic fight scene at the end of the first act that during one take almost broke my heart.

I just hope the two vastly different plots can augment each other. It's hard to go for serious moments in sitcoms and have them pay off. And I don't know if it helps or hurts to have a guy dropping his pants in the other scenes. If all of the pieces of this episode fall into place, it could be another one of the great ones. I am anxious to see it all put together.

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