Episode 4 Table Read
September 8, 1999

Today we regrouped after a week off and read through episode four. Hmmm...

Did I mention that Episode Three turned out really really well? Well, there is a similar challenge in store for the writers this week. The basic premise centers around Norris and the new woman he is seeing. But right now, it's just a collection of goofy scenarios and lackluster punchlines. What saved Episode 3 was that at its core it was really about three unique and interesting relationships. All the interactions took place between two legitimate and very human characters. That storytelling carried the show and gave it weight and intelligence until the entire half-hour caught up and it ended up being a great show.

I fear there is no firm center to this one. There's no foundation on which to add jokes and trim dead spots. The episode has a juvenile feel to it, to the point that it's almost like an entirely different show. Alan sat us all down before the show and gave us the scoop. "It's a farce," he assured us. "It has a very different feel from the last episode, which was heavier. This one is very light." And he is right about that. It is light. And that may be the most important point. It is not like last week's show. They can't all be like last week's show. This week we are all acting a little goofier, a little wackier. Given that, it seems the only solution, really, is to embrace it and trust in the writers to make sure we don't fall flat on our faces. They have been there for us all along, they shouldn't abandon us now.

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