Episode #103 Table Read
August 25, 1999

Ah... the gay years. Episode Three marks the beginning of Ford's gay adventures. It's a funny script, and has Ford beginning to explore his newfound gayness. It's really a somewhat typical dating episode of a sitcom, but with one twist making it not so typical. Those having trouble with the show's gay themes will certainly have trouble with this one.

We are under the guidance of a new director this week, Mark. He got us up on our feet with some blocking and then we did a run-through for the writers and producers. I think the show is solid. It can use a little more tightening than the other two, but it's in range to be as funny if not better. Both Suzanne and Ford have to go through some major steps in this episode so that gives it enough weight to be interesting, and the right jokes will make it a huge success.

We have begun to settle into a routine, which is a nice feeling. The shock of coming back to work on a new episode was not as dizzying this week. (It may have helped that the celebrating last night was also not as dizzying, if you know what I mean.) During the table read today, I thought about all of the guest spots I had done and how the regulars always seemed so calm and matter-of-fact about the start of another episode. For me, it was always so miraculous and exciting, a gift from the gods, a big lottery score. But today, I began to get a sense of the other side of that coin. We were all back, reassembled to continue our 22-piece puzzle, content that we had put another piece in place, but also comfortable enough to move on to the challenge of the next one. It's a stability I haven't felt out here before. It's a nice, warm, cozy place to be. I like it.

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