Episode #103 Run-Through
August 27, 1999

Another Friday evening and another network run-through. This week's episode has been unique, though. Ford's character has a number of gay scenes -- a crush on the UPS guy, a blind date gone bad, and then a night on the town with Bruce -- and they have been written well. Also written well are the two other story lines. Norris and Chloe bond in the attic while Hunter and Suzanne head to the vet to share some quality time. Each little vignette is cute and smartly put together.

The episode runs aground a bit in the first half, though, as it's trying to establish the three story lines. The worst thing that can happen to a sitcom is that it sounds too much like a sitcom. There are enough mediocre shows on TV and many more mediocre shows that have been canceled from TV for us to start sounding like just another brainless show. The writers have produced some fantastic stuff in the past three weeks, but this is still in a weak state as of this run-through.

I understand we are not pre-shooting anything on Monday so there is still time before we load the audience in Tuesday night to oil the machine a little bit. I am determined to have faith in the writers and producers that they see the dead zones and will step in to smooth them over. The show is running too long so that gives the writers the perfect excuse to slash some of the less successful moments. Here's to Monday...

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