Episode 102 Network Run-Through
August 19, 1999

This show is awesome. And I mean that in oh, so many ways.

This week's show is very funny to me. I think the concepts are great and the jokes are great. And today the final battle scene between Ford and Norris had been reworked so that it is a nice close to the show. It's a show about the dynamics in the apartment between the three roommates and it's got some cute, clever stuff in it. Ford especially has some fun things to do. I have sense again this week, however, that some of Ford's bits may be a bit over-the-top. I am trying to embrace the reality of it and make it funny at the same time. There is lots of laughter on the set, I just need to carry that over to the studio audience and the television audience. I hope they get it.

Rehearsal today was also very fun. The director, Tom, works so efficiently and stress-freely that we had a very casual, low-key rehearsal. We ran every scene at least three times, we were never rushed, he even took nine of us out to a sushi lunch since we had to wait until the network was available for our run-through. While rehearsing today, I even had a scene I could not get through because I got into a laughing fit and couldn't stop. Something about Steve's lines and my trouble with mine turned the moment absurd for me and I had to battle through it. That's great.

The run-through went well, I think. The writers like the show a lot, I can tell, and I think the network honchos thought it was a hit, too. We won't find out the changes until Monday but I imagine they will be slight. The only thing working against this episode is that rumor has it it's way too long. So something may have to go for tape night.

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