Episode 102 Shoot
August 24, 1999

This was my favorite episode. I know that doesn't really say much, considering we've only really shot three of them, but this one had some nice elements in it. It was all about the dynamics in the house, which meant I got to have lots of scenes with David and Steven. I think the three of us work well together. Also, Ford went through some interesting (and hopefully funny) emotions that were fun to play.

The taping went very smoothly. Again. We're getting spoiled by the ease of it all. We pre-shot a number of scenes again this week, which kept the night moving, and Tom, the director, kept a cool hand on the rudder. We had relaxing rehearsals and lots of fun on the set. The audience seemed to be responding enthusiastically. And the crazy stuff I tried felt well-received.

Any problems? Well, it would nice to have more of Suzanne around. Her role in this episode was a little "light," as Alan, our head writer, described it. Ford/Rena scenes are always fun to play, so I missed that element. And the show has fallen into an odd pattern: the last joke of each scene -- often called the "button" or the "blow" -- is often one of the weakest jokes in the scene. You want each button to be the best joke in the scene, or at least close to it. Those ryhthms will come in time, though, I imagine. No need to panic yet.

All in all, another successful shoot.

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