Episode 102 Table Read
August 18, 1999

Back to work. Last night, we put up our first regularly scheduled sitcom episode and it was a big hit. One week of rehearsal and then one performance. That's the run of that little play. Now we take the same characters and write the sequel. Over and over and over.

This week's sequel is a great episode for the boys. Norris and Ford get into a little power struggle over who's "President of the House." Ford wants to run a tight ship, of course, and Norris just wants things to be the way they were. He even feels a little threatened that Hunter would side with Ford after all of their years together. It's some good roommate dynamic stuff.

Rehearsal went well, I think. It was a little tricky getting jump-started after last night's adventure. All of that is gone now. The lights, the crowds, the laughs. And the work. All of our rehearsing and preparing is gone. We're back to nearly square one, square 1-A if you will. I think that was the trickiest leap for me today.

The first day with the script is a tricky, tiring, somewhat challenging day. It's a lot of material to get through and give life to and since yesterday was spent polishing and performing, today's work seemed to take a little wind out of my sails. That feeling started to dissipate as we neared the end of today's blocking session. When we ran the scenes for the producers it was all but gone. We had done a lot of work today and it showed. Some bits worked very well and felt good. I started to appreciate that it's important to reset the odometer every Wednesday morning. A new script takes brand new focus and energy, a very different kind of energy than what was needed the previous night for a shoot.

Wednesday morning mantra: Embrace Square 1-A.

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