Episode 101 Network Run-Through
August 13, 1999

The way our schedule is designed, the week will always end with a network run-through. On Wednesday, we got the new script, rehearsed all day, and then did a run-through of the show for the writers. On Thursday, we got the rewrites, rehearsed all day, and then did a run-through for the writers and the Greenblatt/Janollari executives. So today, we got more rewrites, rehearsed more all day, and then culminated in a run-through for the writers and the Greenblatt/Janollari executives and the ABC executives. Three days of rehearsing and rewriting, trying to prepare for Monday and Tuesday, when the cameras will be there and we'll want the product to be as complete as possible.

The road to Friday afternoon was relatively smooth this week. None of the rewrites were massive. The jokes kept getting better, for the most part. And the scenes became tighter and funnier as the days passed. Ford has a lot to do in the second half of this show, between costumes and accents and drinking. The scenes with Suzanne and Ford did undergo some massaging. I fear the scenes a little because I don't want them to be too over the top. I feel like people on the set think it's funny because they know me. But no one knows Ford. It may just look like a goofy actor being a bit too ridiculous. Have to embrace it, though.

The most comforting aspect of the week so far has been the serenity Alan gives off. The head writer, Alan Ball, has worked on some 'difficult shows' with some 'difficult actors' and is pleased as punch that the show is chugging along so easily and strife-free. The writers all seem happy right now, too, when they're down on the set. And maybe it's only natural for everyone to be cheery and upbeat the first week, but still, we don't seem to be going through any difficult growing pains this week. I imagine other weeks will have their potholes, but it's fun to be off to such a good start.

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