Episode 101 Table Read
August 11, 1999

The cast has been assembled. The crew is in place. The writers, the producers, the executives, and the network are all in line. It is finally, at long last, time to begin making a television show. We gathered together at noon with scripts in hand and had our first official table read of the season. It all sounded fabulous and funny and it was great to hear all the voices of the supporting cast and meet everyone involved. The network laughed heartily and the studio honchos yucked it up as well. Big hit.

Then we went to work. Rehearsal. I've done this dozens of times by now, but this was the first time it was really on my own show. How was it the same? It's fun to rehearse. That's the biggest plus. That's why I think sitcoms are so great. Nothing beats having four or five days to work on scenes and relationships and dialogue and watching the script get funnier as the days pass. It was also the same in that the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. No one is pulling their hair out on this show these days so the day has an easy comfortable pace to it.

How is it different being on my own show? For the first time, there's no concern about keeping or losing lines or getting cut from the show. It's my show. I'm one of the stars. It would be quite an interesting episode if somehow I got cut out of it. And it's always fun to hit jokes and get good laughs but the pressure isn't there to nail every single one for fear that they take them all away. I can just relax and try to have fun with the scenes. The stress level is much lower.

We rehearsed every scene a couple of times and then the writers/producers came down to the set for a little run-through. That went well. I personally feel that a few holes were discovered that could use some repair work and attention, but overall it's solid. This week will be very telling in how well the writing staff can punch up and bring together a script. I think we're in good hands.

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