Courtesy Table Read -- August 9

No photo session. No interviews. No promos. Nothing but the cast, the producers, and the writers. We gathered today to read through the first two episodes of our show. Today, over three months since we last recorded a single line of Oh Grow Up, we finally were back to focus on the material itself. The dog and pony is over for a while and we finally get the chance to put our money where our pilot is.

One thing about all the interviews was that these reporters were saying how much they love the show, how great the show is. But there is no show. We haven't done any show. We have created one little half hour of television. Not even that, really, just about 23 minutes worth. And I think everyone in the cast wants some more show under our belts before we can believe anyone really likes the entity known as 'our show.' Today we took another step towards that goal.

The two scripts were very funny. One was written by the creator of the show, Alan Ball. The other was written by two of the new staff of writers, Greg Schaffer and Steve Joe. Great jokes. Good story lines. If nothing else, the first two weeks should be fun. We officially start on Wednesday with a table read of Episode 1 in front of the network. Then it's off to rehearsal and the beginning of this new phase of my life. I will have a job. An actual job. In two days, the adventure begins.

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