Promo shoot -- July 9

I walked onto the set this morning to shoot a handful of promos for the show and there it was: a wall of green-screen. Memories of Space Jam came rushing back -- the bagels, the days off, the naps. Memories of sitting around in green pants, at the ready in case Michael Jordan needed an eye-line for his one line to Foghorn Leghorn. When that moment came, and it was rare, I would don my entire green ensemble, replete with green booties, green gloves, and a green ski mask. This would make me virtually invisible to the computer that would do its part in erasing nearly all the evidence that I had anything to do with the making of that film.

Today was different. Today I would not be in green head-to-toe and I would not just be a big basketball player's eye-line. Steven, David, and I did shoot some spots on the green-screen, however. They are piecing together a collection of conceptual spots using various backgrounds, so we stood in the middle of this sea of green and took turns delivering our lines. Shooting the raw material for those three spots took most of the morning.

The newly-assembled team of writers had also come up with a few sketches, both on the set and "backstage." We did a full-cast group scene before lunch and then spent the afternoon shooting another four. Each is a 30-second spot designed to introduce the world to our characters and, more importantly, provide a laugh or two. Everyone was there today, including Beans (the dog) and it was a good time. Mind you, it was a long day, nearly 12 hours, but the cast is fun to hang out with and the material is a blast to do, so it was a good 12 hours.

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