Photo shoot -- July 25

The publicity machine is in motion. The wheels are turning. Today the cast gathered for the first of two days of publicity photo shoots. As I understand it, everything we shot today is for the ABC publicity department, so they can shower our faces on the world through all sorts of media. Or at least through those media that use still photographs, I guess.

So the question is, "How do you show off a collection of five cosmopolitan young adults?" Well, put them in a tent, obviously. But there was more than just a tent. We first shot singles of each of us against a plain white background and a mix of characters in front of, yes, the same white background. It all seemed so simple up until then. But there were other plans...

First it got a little odd, shooting the three of us through the back of a fridge as if we've all bent down to see what's available for dinner. Then we went on location... the five of us on a swing set, the five of us crammed on a couch, antics with a rope, including tug-o-war, the boys on some sort of campout in Central Park, and then, to end the day, three boys playing in a blow-up kiddie pool. Now what could make more sense then that?

All in all it was still a fun day. The cast, as always, is fun to hang out with. The only times it was difficult, really, was when we were actually shooting and had to generate goofiness and levity and still look at the camera and still smile sweetly but still be somewhat in character. But I think we pulled it off. And as the sun disappeared behind the trees and we leaped out of the freezing cold pool and grabbed slices of the pizza that had just arrived, I think we were glad to be done for the day, but even more glad that this is our job. I mean, this is what we do for a living now. Ain't life grand?

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