Sparky's funeral, in progress. The stands are packed. Down on the field, Sparky's coffin rests on the fifty yard line. The FOOTBALL TEAM, including Shank, Don, and Rusty, are dressed in uniform and seated on the bench surrounding Reba. Reba is dressed in black. Her face is tight with guilt. Ivy and Todd are in the stands.

Off to the side sits a podium on a raised platform where COACH BURNS speaks. Burns is a squat man with a tremendous gut. He wears a ballcap and a Spooner Bulldogs jersey.

...Sparky gave a hundred and ten
percenet a hundred and ten percent of
the time. When he hit the ground,
his legs were still churning. He
never gave up. He never ever gave
up. He never, ever, EVER, gave
up... This is the lesson Sparky
taught us in his too short life.

He pulls a dog whistle on a chain from inside his shirt.

In closing, I would like to share a
personal moment with all of you.
Sparky was the only man I ever knew
that could hear a dog whistle. I
used to blow on one to call a
quarterback sneak.

Everyone, please bow your heads
while I send a message to Sparky --
up in Heaven.

All heads bow. Burns puts the whistle in his mouth and blows with all his might.

After a moment, we hear a DOG BARKING in the distance. Then another. And another, until there is a CHORUS OF BARKING AND HOWLING DOGS.

--written by
Jay Stapleton

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