Audition report--

The last thing I wanted to do this evening after returning from a day in the car was drive to an audition only about 10 miles from the Simi Valley location I had just left. But that's what I did.

Patty and I returned from the shoot at about 6:30. That left me time to sit and have a beer and relax before cranking up for an audition. By 7:15, I was ready to do it. So, I took a quick shower, grabbed the directions to Cal State Northridge, and hit the trail.

The male role in this film is not too big, in fact, it's just a few short scenes. So, there wasn't much to the audition either. My character, at one point in the film, is standing at a phone booth leaving a message on an answering machine. It's about 3 or 4 lines long, ending with a sad "Call me...okay." And that was the audition.

So I went in, they explained the whole deal, said they would only need me (or whoever did it) for a couple days in March to shoot the day scenes one day and the night scenes some other day. Then I did it, and they seemed genuinely psyched: "Alright, great! I like it! That's it!" And I did it again. And then, since they weren't sure the camera was recording, I did it a third time, and maybe I'm just more willing to believe it these days, but I swear they really liked what I did. The audition went very well.

Now, the last few times I've written that have resulted in nothing, zero, nada. So, maybe I should stop jinxing myself by singing my praises. Although, keeping everything in perspective, no matter how much they "liked what I did," or how well I thought it went, there can always be that one other guy who looked a little more appropriate or read a little more convincingly. It's just a matter of time.


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