Audition report--

I guess technically it was not an audition but more of a meeting. It was just Doug and myself and he set about explaining to me the status of the as yet unlaunched TVG Network. The TVG stands for Television Games and the network is primarily a channel where the viewer at home can bet on and watch horse races.

Where I fit into all of this is that I was a mock game-show host for the promotional video these guys made for the network back when it was merely a concept. Nowadays we're talking about the actual launch of the network in eight states in late 1998. And now is the time to start promoting it. To do so, the network wants two spokespeople to represent it at the Breeder's Cup in November. And voila! That's where I fall into the picture.

The job for now would simply entail being present at the Breeder's Cup and speaking to the press regarding the eventual launch of the TVG network. We would be there to look good and be funny if necessary. We are being hired because we can think on our feet. Cool. There is also a possibility a short video presentation will be put together and we would probably appear in that. So one or two days of work to help launch the future of the horse-racing industry. Sounds like fun.

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