Audition report--

I'm not gonna say it. I will not sit here and write that it went well and that I'll probably be called back because that is the same old unrealized sentiment that's plagued my last few disappointing outings. It's time to officially acknowledge that a good reading does not a callback get. No matter how well it goes, I could just be "wrong for the part" and so fine, they could say they love the reading, and, they could actually like it, but that does not mean a callback is inevitable.

So, that's established. It really didn't go all so great anyway. The scene was very disjointed and there was a lot of movement and stage direction written in, so it all felt very choppy and unpolished. But I guess that's what a cold reading is all about, huh?

The scene was younger man and a mature woman, I guess around 35 or 40. The woman is sitting inside and the young guy comes in and they have a drink or two and he starts to pseudo-seduce her, asking her to teach him how to dance. I read with the producer and pretty much sat there the whole time.

So, nothing too tough, but nothing so stellar either. I did try to flash my smile and seem friendly and excited. That went the best. They smiled back, although now I'm realizing they were probably just hoping I would relax the muscles in my mouth. They said callbacks would be Thursday or Friday, so should know soon either way.


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