Audition report--

It went well. The auditioners were nice. Stephen Nash, the writer/director, was running the show. It was basically a silly little piece. It opened with two people, man/woman, meeting in a bar, fade to Shakespeare lines, fade to kissing, fade to "We need protection," fade to Gone with the Wind. Then, VO the tag line.

I read OK. I think I looked good, believe it or not with all my zit problems the past few weeks. I wore a T-shirt and jeans and tried to look pumped. I'm a tad worried that he wanted a brownette or brunette for the man, since he had three blonde women there while I was around.

It was nice to be close to a member of the opposite sex again, even it is was just arms, and just for show. I really need to get out of the house more often.

If I'm called back, it would be in the next couple of days, and shooting would be in 2 weeks. But I'm a little ahead of myself, I think.

Anyway, the scoop:

  • "Tomorrow" Columbia College Grad Film
  • Stephen Nash: 213-876-7778
  • 925 N LaBrea, 2bl S of Santa Monica
  • Roy showed me in.    Luis "ran" for Stephen
  • And I read with Jennifer and ???? (Laura? Elizabeth?)

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