[on the set]

with Salem

After the taping...

  • "Rick (the casting director) likes to take credit now for discovering you. He thinks you're great."
    --Lindsay Sloane, series regular

  • "Lindsay called over this morning to pitch you to us."
    --Joel King, Pakula/King & Assoc

After the wrong show aired...

  • "Dear John,
    I hate to inform you that your card updating the date of the Sabrina episode arrived the morning after we had watched on the original date. That means that we sat and watched an hourlong episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch for no real reason. We've of course checked with our attorneys and they have told us that even though you inadvertently gave us the wrong date you are still liable and in New York causing people to watch an hourlong episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for no good reason is, as you would expect, a felony. I won't say that the out-of-court settlement your folks agreed to was but as of the first of April you can reach us at our new address on Sunrise Terrace and Jim and Judy will have moved into their new 'single' in the Riverview Trailer Park."
    --Mr & Mrs Laurence LaRose, Binghamton, NY

After the show aired...

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