Surfer #2 hands his longboard to the doctor. They work together to ease the kid onto the impromptu stretcher.

I don't think we can fit this board
in any of our cars...

It's a small, small world... The sedan guy jumps to his feet, waves the ice cream truck over, then runs to talk to the driver. He gesticulates wildly for several seconds, then we see the vendor nod and hop back behind the driver's seat.

(shouting to the group)
Watch yourselves as I turn
her around.

As the ice cream truck backs into position, cop #2 approaches the sedan guy and puts his hand on his shoulder.

COP #2
Don't worry buddy. It was an
accident. We'll take care of him.

The surfer guys run to open the doors of the ice cream truck as it comes to a stop, then hurry to clear a spot for the patient. The handful of SPECTATORS that have gathered file in to unload the contents of the truck assembly-line style onto the sidewalk. Just then, the news van approaches. The reporter and her cameraman jump out.

Oh my!

She thrusts her microphone at the mother.

Can you hold this please?

The mother takes the mic as the reporter hustles to the truck to lend a hand. Her camera guy drops his equipment to do likewise. A moment later, the boy is loaded into the ice cream truck. The police car escorts it away.

--written by
Susan Walter

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