Audition report--

The performing of my audition pieces went fine. The Player from Rosencranz & Guildenstern are Dead and Caliban from The Tempest were my two 'gems.' In fact, it went so well, he offered me a spot in the company right there. So I guess now I must decide. Here's the low-down on the company:

My auditioner was Jim, who I also spoke to on the phone about the company. So he is my only source of info on this. He informed me that the company has 35 members (or will have after these auditions) and that the biggest benefit of the group is that they meet every Wednesday night at 8 and do scenes, one-acts, etc. Apparently they do one or two each week and so the get-togethers last either one or two hours.

The company also puts up a show every so often. The shows are cast from within the company and go up Friday and Saturday nights in the 35-seat theater. If you are in a show, which apparently is rare, it costs about 100 bucks to foot the bill, per actor. And, while on the subject of money, the "dues" for the company are 45 dollars per month. I must make at least a 3-month commitment a the October 30th meeting, that's 135 dollars to you and me.

It seems like a good cheap way to get out of the house, meet some actors, and maybe even do a little acting of my own. The only questionable aspect is that they won't let me come to a meeting to see if I like it or not. It's either "in" or "out" before I'm allowed in the door.

So, now I must decide. I'll probably do it. I am going to call Jim and get some names and numbers of other company members. It would be nice to get another voice or two in there. I should also call the man in charge of the whole thing, Crane Jackson. We'll see.

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