1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Playoffs - Week Three

"Oops." --Robert Spina (RIP)

The Magnificent Seven have fallen. Or, more precisely, three of them have fallen. After seventeen weeks of regular season picks and pushing on to the Conference Championships, three of the playoff contenders are being sent home with nothing. Our prayers for safe travel go out to Brian McCabe, Robert Spina, and Craig Zisk. We have no lovely parting gifts for you. Just a melancholy congratulations for your near success.

"Didn't sleep a wink last night." --Vince Cook

Meanwhile, back on the leader board, it's almost all decided. Vince Cook, Kevin Mollen, and Nicole Sullivan can finally sleep soundly knowing that they will walk away with a portion of the pot on Sunday. If Tennessee wins, Ethan Herschenfeld will sneak away with a portion as well. So final final results are still to come.

Click here for the breakdown of potential Week 3/Superbowl picks and who would win the $$$.


Pool birthdays this week...
1/27 Lisa Cerasoli (RIP)
1/31 Daniella Eckert (RIP)

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