1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Playoffs - Week Two

A "backward" pass to win the game on a kick-off return?
A botched snap to prevent a winning field goal kick?
Two weeks of the playoffs down, two to go, and the playoffs are just about as crazy as the regular season was.

"Okay, normally a taciturn man, but just have this to say... YES! YES! YES!" --Brian McCabe

The Magnificent Seven live on. All seven contestants remain in a heated battle for the 1400 dollars. All are tied for first place heading into the home stretch. Or are they?

With only four teams remaining, double-picking becomes more of a danger. If one were to use Vegas odds to determine the standings right now, they would look like this...

1st place: can't pick TAMPA BAY -- McCabe Sullivan Spina
2nd place: can't pick JACKSONVILLE -- Cook Mollen
3rd place: can't pick JACKSONVILLE or TENNESSEE -- Herschenfeld Zisk

"It's 1st and 1400!" --Robert Spina

Yes, being stuck without an AFC team remaining puts Herschenfeld and Zisk in a dangerous spot. They need some upsets out there to prevent anyone from going all the way. Even Cook and Mollen face some choppy waters with Jacksonville gone. Can Tennessee beat the Jaguars THREE times this year? It's a good thing these Super Seven have had an entire season to develop nerves of steel.

Picks are still due by FRIDAY at dawn. While you may want longer to kick around your selection, believe me, it will be better for you to just get it done. Friday at dawn. Friday at dawn.

Good luck.

Pool birthdays this week:
1/20 Katrina Schwing (RIP)

1/21 ducey (RIP)

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