1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Playoffs - Week One

The Magnificent Seven -- Over the last four months, one hundred and forty people suffered at the hands of the National Football League. And that fire forged the mettle of seven of the most resilient football pickers ever seen in this or any other millennium. Those seven individuals have survived not only the entire regular season, but each one still stands tall at the conclusion of the first week of the playoffs. Seven went in, seven came out. They are, truly, magnificent.

"I feel that I have to levy a complaint. Here it is two weeks after I am eliminated and you finally decide to impart upon us the very nugget of information we need most to win... 'Strategy is very important.' Now you tell me. What else have you been hiding from us?" --Gannon Walsh (RIP)

Strategy is more important than ever. Eight teams remain. Each contestant only has the option of seven of them. And rest assured, these are all good teams. (OK, except Miami.) But beware... once picked, that team cannot be picked again. Strategize, strategize, strategize.

"I'll take the 'Skins, my wife's favorite team." --Vince Cook

That's not the kind of strategizing I'm talking about.

Picks for this weekend are due FRIDAY at dawn. Pick a winner from one of the four playoff games -- Saturday or Sunday. They will be posted as soon as I have them all in.

May God bless you, everyone. Good luck.


PS Pool birthday this week: 1/12 Gamble (RIP)

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