1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Sixteen

Week 16. Confusion.

Sorry about all of the email mix-ups. Everything will work itself out. (Most things have, but I need to be back in L.A. to smooth out the final wrinkles.) Your mission is the same: pick a winner by Saturday at dawn. I will be back January 5.

Then again, not everybody is still picking winners. Good-bye to Amidon, Auby, Mike Logue, and Alfred Manoux. And, lo and behold, Beck did NOT secure a playoff birth after all. The playing field has been leveled. It is a grand, eleven-way tie for first place. This is very exciting heading into the post-season.

Regarding the playoffs: Do not worry about your playoff picks for now. Just make it through Week 17. The rules for the playoffs will be spelled out if and when you make it.

The website will also not be updated until I return to L.A. in January. Thank you for your patience.

Party like it's 2000.


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