1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Fourteen

"This could be it. My swan song. My only friend, the end. I choose the Packers. I feel I should quote Jack Lemmon from his touching role as the dying professor in Tuesdays with Morrie, 'to know how to die is to know how to live.' I don't know what it means, but it made my girlfriend cry." --Gannon Walsh (RIP)

What began as just another quiet day in the NFL turned ugly as the morning games came to a close. The Panthers and Giants won closing-second victories to send poolies' skulls a-spinning. Miami fell to the unpredictable Jets in the afternoon and suddenly the field has dwindled.

"Also, I think it would be cool if you pretended you were Regis Philbin and every time some one sends in a pick, you do like this:
  Gannon: Packers
  Ducey: Packers?
  G: Yes Packers.
  Ducey: Final Answer?
  G: Yes Final Answer
  Ducey: Why the Packers?
  Ducey: Gannon are you there?
  G: Sorry, I tend not to talk when loading my gun. What's your address again?" --Walsh (RIP)

Along with the death of Mr. Walsh, we also saw the passing of Crowley, Miller, Nevelezer, Prosinski, Rice, and Shultz. Be proud you made it this far. Then let the sadness come. Acceptance is the only way to the other side. The standings are heretofore...

00 LOSS -- 00 SHARKS
03 LOSS -- 124 CHUM

"I shiver in my bed, clutching the covers, saying the name... 'Beuerlein... Beuerlein...'" --Greg Rice (RIP)

16 contenders, 3 regular-season weeks remaining. When the going gets tough, the tough pick Cleveland. Picks are due Saturday by dawn, as usual. You can NOT pick the Saturday games, as usual, so don't even bother asking. Pick a winner from the Sunday or Monday schedule.

Good luck!


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