1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Twelve

Another quiet week in the National Football League. Could it be that by Week 12 you guys have started to figure the teams out? No one would put their money on San Francisco these days. And who would have thought Indianapolis would be an easy win most weeks? But now you know better. You remaining pool contestants are the seers for the Millennium.

But not all have learned their lessons and they had to pay the price. Even Cincinnati couldn't help Pittsburgh save their season and their playoff hopes. Five people were fooled into thinking Kordell Stewart was a good quarterback. Four gave their lives for it. Say good-bye to Carpenter, Michelle McDermott, Sorge, and Frank Young. Here come the stats...

00 LOSS -- 00 SHAMAN
01 LOSS -- 04 CHIEFS
03 LOSS -- 114 SPIRITS

Week 13, like all previous weeks, does not include Thursday's game. That just takes away one of the many difficult-to-pick contests this weekend. Because Week 13, unlike previous weeks, looks to have no obvious pick. This will be a true test of your knowledge. How much have you learned? How far have you come? Or really, just how damn lucky are you?

Deadline for this week's picks is Saturday morning at dawn, no exceptions.

Football pool birthday this week...
12/6 Shawn Simons (RIP)


P.S. "I think you should archive the weekly updates on the website....they are too too funny." --Michelle Allan (RIP)


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