1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Ten

"Well, the bleachers are officially silent. I have one thing to say: AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Thank you." --Jeff Steck (RIP)

Week Ten was yet another brutal week in the National Football League. How could Pittsburgh lose to Cleveland at home? How could that ever happen? Who would believe it?

Believe it.

"I set some goals for myself at the start of the NFL season. Make it to Week Ten. Do better than half the participants. And I accomplished these things. And what's more....I did it my way. If nothing else, this will free up some time for me to look into appropriate programs to help me deal with my gambling problem." --Michelle Allan (RIP)

Three out of every four picks were just plain wrong. Half of the remaining contestants have left us. The numbers continue to dwindle. But then again, isn't that the way things are supposed to be? Everyone put your hands together for some good friends of mine as they leave us tonight. They are Abbott, Abrams, Allan, Mike Beck, Brown, Condon, DeRosa, Judy Ducey, Ellen Ducey, Eckert, Frischman, Haynes, Hobbs, Keen, Kennedy, Phil Laskawy, Tom Laskawy, Kevin Lund, Casey McDermott, McGuigan, Nyholm, O'Donnell, Petersen, Roth, Ruehl, Shamos, Smith, Snook, Steck, Toomin, Uliana, Winters, and Zelman.

33 deaths. And if you've been following along at home, you know that is the largest number of victims in one week. What is this pool coming to?

"Well, you know what they say - 'If I wasn't an idiot, I wouldn't be an idiot.'" --Michael Uliana (RIP)

No, I didn't know that anyone had ever said that, but let's remember we're all winners here. (It's just that not all 'winners' walk away with 1400 dollars.) The standings are as follows:
01 LOSS -- 05 $32,000
02 LOSS -- 28 $1,000
03 LOSS -- 107 BROKE

Five clear leaders with seven weeks to go. And it does not get easier from here on out. It only gets harder. Good luck to the remaining warriors. Your pick is required to be in by Saturday morning at dawn as usual. What is unusual is that the picks will NOT be posted until then. Anyone who has not picked by then will receive a "NoPick" for the weekend and take a loss. That is final. Do not let it be you. That's not a good reason to lose 1400 dollars.


"Pick for the week...OAKLAND. Mission for the week... Save Oh Grow Up." --Colby Amidon

Plus a special thanks to everyone from the pool who has contributed to the Save Oh Grow Up efforts. The letters and emails are appreciated. If you haven't done so yet, but still intend to, I will give you another place to send your pleas after we DO NOT AIR again this Wednesday. It will be wave two of the attack. It's never too late to join in. (And note that Colby's pick was a winner. Can you say karma?)

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