1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Eight

"'Requiem for a Dreamer'
I told you I had a bad feeling about the Saints...I don't apologize, however...I'm just another man trying to live his dreams, trying to scratch my way out of all this filth and despair, trying to stand up and be counted in a world that hates beauty and if all that makes me 'eliminated' from your 'football pool' well then I say, count me out...I begrudge nothing but I wonder at what kind of a person you have to be to win a football pool in this day and age?...in this mad scramble of money and football have we maybe, just maybe, lost a little humanity?...what kind of world is it when one pool contestant calls another pool contestant to gloat over his elimination?...it's no world I want to be a part of...I am therefore withdrawing myself from this football pool...in effect, I am officially 'eliminating' all of you...let's try it all over again next year after we've had some time apart...fond regards, ol' Dutch" --Sam Catlin (RIP)

These are sad times. Another upset has befallen us, though it's not often beating the Saints can be considered an upset.

Some had faith...

"Cleveland is my hometown, so if I'm going down in flames this week, I'm going to do it with a sentimental pick: Cleveland Browns" --Sheila O'Donnell

Others lost faith...

"Fire Ditka. Shut down the franchise. They're awful." --Craig Roth

Others had poetry...

"A haiku:
The pick for Week 8:
Mighty Washington Redskins
beat Chicago Bears." --Michael Flynn

But when all was said and/or done, 39 people had chosen unwisely. 39 weepy souls, including the leader of this adventure. Julie 'Mag' Dickshot proved she was only human this week. There are no undefeated contestants any longer. The ranks are as follows...
01 LOSS -- 21 FLAMES
03 LOSS -- 56 ASHES

Among the 56 dead are 20 fresh bodies. Give it up for Ackeret, Brandee, Catlin, Rick Cerasoli, Downey, Gilmore, Glouberman, Greek, Dan Hillis, Robert Hillis, Jeser, Kathy Kamakaiwi, Cindy Logue, McKinney, Purdy, Schaffer, Silverstein, Herb Stein, and Valentine. It's not often the deceased get to speak at their own funeral. I'm happy to oblige the dead, though...

"Since my fate rested in the hands of a team with two quarterback's named Billy Joe, I am forced to spend the rest of the season as a spectator. No hard feelings, though. Give my luck to the survivors. Give my ten bucks to charity so that it matches my '99 tax forms." --Tim McKinney (RIP)

And yes, 'tis true, I have passed away myself. I try to look at it as a growth experience, though. And I like to think that I'm not just another loser, but one of 20 people that tied for 85th place. That helps me sleep at night.

Week Nine is looming. I would comment on the upcoming games and how hard it may be to pick them, but given my elimination, I just don't care. Make up your own taunting for this week's picks (but still send them in by Saturday at dawn).

ducey (RIP)

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