1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Seven

"If it's good enough for Billy Dee it's good enough for me. Colt 45 I mean Colts 45, Cincinnati 10" --Joe McGuigan

An eerily close prediction. Only two touchdowns off. Is it a metaphor for Billy Dee's career?

"It's a Fiesta in Week Siesta" --Michelle Allan

Yes, good times were had all over the football pool this week. I, however, like to think of it as the calm before the storm. Nearly everyone was treated to a win as the favorites rolled over the losers. Of course, there can't be sunshine everywhere. There were still four incorrect picks and two of those were deadly. Say good-bye to Ortiz and Ryan Vaughan. Two gallant soldiers who gave of themselves. Rest in peace.

The standings are mostly unchanged with Mag Dickshot still undefeated and holding onto a solid one-loss lead over the nearest competitors. The breakdown is thusly:

NO LOSSES -- 1 Show Dog
ONE LOSS -- 38 Pure Breeds
TWO LOSSES -- 65 Mutts
DEAD -- 36 Dogs Go to Heaven
(Yeah, I didn't really know where to go with the dog theme there.)

Week Eight. Should start to weed out the pretenders. Is a one-win team much better than a no-win team? Can Cincinnati win at home? Is Jacksonville still available? Minnesota? Denver? Dallas? Detroit? Who knows what team is going to show up this week? I wish you all the best of luck.


PS I am going to a wedding this weekend of pool contestants Tinley (deceased) and Kennedy, so unless your pick is in by Thursday, you won't get a confirmation or a posting on the website until late Sunday at the earliest. Be safe. Submit early.

PPS Football pool birthdays this week...
LaRose 10/27
Hillis, R 10/29
Kennedy 10/30
Smith 10/30
Ducey, Ma 11/1

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