1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Four

"If you're smart, you'll pick New England!" --Ryan Vaughan

Yes, that seemed to be the prevailing opinion as over half of the remaining contestants picked New England to beat the hapless Cleveland Browns. Beware Cleveland next week against the Cincinnati Bengals, though. I smell a victory and it smells Brown.

"Probably a mistake. Knowing my Patriots, I am tempting fate, but... New England should beat Cleveland. And they will. They'll probably fall waaaay behind first." --Brian McCabe

Oh, Brian was right. Falling behind to Cleveland was something no team has done this season. So any sort of behind is waaaay behind. I'm sure the Browns being ahead at halftime put fear in a few hearts.

"I would like to select the Patriots from New England who led this fantastic country to freedom oh so many years ago." --Terry O'Connell

Fine. Enough about the Patriots. They won. Yippee. But lots of teams (and contestants) won. Either you guys are getting better or this is just getting a lot easier. Only 6 people turned in losing picks this week, but it was still enough to take out 3 players. Say goodbye to Chick, Snyder, and Vanderwilt, who have the shame of losing really early in the season without the infamy of being the first ones out.

The standings are as follows...
No losses -- 47 Royalty
One loss -- 67 Lords
Two losses -- 20 Peasants
All gone --- 6 Bubonic Plague victims

"I'm sorry, did we lose the same Kessler that said how an idiot can win this pool?" --Shawn Simons

Just to clear up a question from last week... No, that is not the defending champion Kessler but, in fact, his little brother who is out. Please remain in your seats and reserve your gloating until the pilot gives the signal. (And I don't think that's the first time one Kessler has called another Kessler an idiot.)

Week 5 is just around the bend. Make your pick today. Keep in mind the deadline for all picks is still dawn, Saturday morning.


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