1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Three

Jamie Mulcahy writes...

"I used to have a saying, back when I played in double elimination tournaments in college: 'Lose two and barbecue.' I need to come up with a new phrase for a triple elimination tourney."

Then, showing no concern for the fact that he was at work, he continued to send possible ideas...

"Lose three and say good-bye to thee."
"Lose trey and you must pay."

Yes, it is the first possible week to be eliminated and I'm sad to report there are some casualties. Three of your fellow pool pickers have left us, dropping the remaining contestant total down to 137. See, it won't be long before you win this thing.

"Three, two, one and now you're done."
"You lost thrice, now go eat some rice."

Baltimore and Buffalo both turned in strong performances this weekend, keeping the number of winners high. Tennessee continued to be in the spotlight, creating the largest chunk of losing picks by beating Jacksonville. Total losing picks for the week: 21. The stats look thusly:
1st place: 48 leaders
2nd place: 70 average folks
3rd place: 19 in intensive care
dead: 3 didn't make it

"Lose three, and, ummmmm, you suck."
"Strike three. Caught looking."
"Three and out, What you talkin' bout (Willis)?"

It's time to bid farewell to our lost loved ones. A moment of silence please for Todd Kessler, Dan Mollen, and Tatham. The pool won't be the same without them.

(It will be smaller.)

"I believe I deserve some sort of recognition. I'm not asking for a lot, just, maybe, a swift kick in the crotch." --Chuck Tatham

And thanks to those who watched Oh Grow Up last Wednesday. Don't forget there's more hilarity where that came from. Tune in every Wednesday for madcap good times.

"We enjoyed the show Wednesday night. I'm pretty confident that it will last for more weeks than your sorry Suicide picks." --Matt Speicher

Well, now, there's no reason to get nasty.


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