1999 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Two

"Tenneseein' is Tennebelievin'!!" --Tim McKinney

The smoke has cleared on another wild week in the National Football League and the only real constant is that the Tennessee Titans continue to carry football pool contestants unscathed to the next level.

"My computer at home is broken, it tainted my pick in week one." --Ryan Vaughan

Excuses aside, there were another 26 victims this week, down considerably from week one, but it still made a dent. (Two of those losses were "No Pick" losses. Don't let that happen to YOU.) No one, of course, has been eliminated. The standings look thusly:
1st place -- 47 people
2nd place -- 82 people
3rd place -- 11 people
Yes, that is a grand total of 140 people, making the official jackpot a whopping $1400.00.

"How many life-lines do you get?" --Chris LaRose

While you may 'phone a friend' at any time during the season, your greatest resource for picking info is the internet. Remember to check ducey.com now and then to make sure your picks and losses are being recorded correctly. It will be much easier to fix errors as we go along than try to recover a season full of picks come January.

"Like Krusty said when picking the Generals over the Globetrotters, 'I figured they were due!'" --Gannon Walsh

Your pick for week three is due by dawn, Saturday morning. Choose wisely. No double picking.

"Double picking is something I usually reserve for my nostrils." --Terry O'Connell


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