1999 Football Pool Frequently Asked Questions...

Yes, there was a very similar football pool last year. The results of that pool can still be found at [dead site] and then click on the HFL logo.

I meant NFL logo. I apologize.

A man who goes by the name of Kessler.

The pot was 360 dollars.

That depends on how many people enter.

So far, 20 people have responded.

Yes, it looks like the pot will be even bigger than last year's pot.

Beginning this weekend, the names of those people who have sent in their money will begin to appear where the old stats are now.

You'll be able to find out beginning this weekend.

Just wait until this weekend, OK? You're embarrassing me.

Yes, it costs ten dollars.

No, just ten dollars at the beginning of the season. That's it.

You send me ten dollars in the mail, cash or check.

There is a slight danger it will get "lost" in the mail system, yes. But that is really the extent of the danger. No other harm should befall you. It would be much more dangerous to, say, poke a knife into a toaster.

Because you could get an electric shock and die.

Then you can poke whatever you want into the toaster.

You mean "whom."

You tell them to me, John Ducey.

No, you shouldn't send any picks in with your money.

You will email them to me each week at ducey@primenet.com.

Each week's pick will be due in my email inbox by dawn Saturday morning. No exceptions.

Dawn in whatever time zone you are picking from.

Adjust your clocks accordingly. Dawn is still the deadline.


Every man has his price.

No, all you have to do is pick a winner.

Then you did NOT pick a WINNER.

You lose.

You lose.

I don't know. It might be kind of a boring game.


No, if you pick a loser (or a tie-er) or fail to send in a pick on time, that will count as one loss. If you lose three times, you are then eliminated.


Every man has his price.

Because you can only pick each team once.

No, once for the whole season.

I don't know. You said it.

It's unlikely.

If more than one person makes it through the regular season, all of those contestants will go on to the playoffs with a slightly adjusted set of picking rules.

Let's worry about that in January.

That's when the playoffs are.

If more than one person makes it through the whole season and the playoffs and the SuperBowl, the tie-breaker will be how many losses they have. A player with only one loss will beat a player with two losses. If they both have the same number of losses, they will split the pot.

Anyone who wants to get in can get in.

It's still ten dollars.

It will be easier if they have email, then they can send their picks directly to me. Or you can be responsible for getting their picks in with yours. The deadline is the same.

Saturday morning at dawn.

Stop it.

Eligible games are those played on Sunday AND Monday Night Football. Games played on Thursday or Saturday are ineligible.


The envelope transporting your ten dollars must be postmarked prior to the first game. That's a Saturday, September 11 postmark at the latest.

Big Johnny Ducey, PO Box 1411, Studio City, CA 91604

Beginning this weekend, check the website. If you have sent your money and your name does not appear in a reasonable amount of time, something may have gone wrong. Send me an email and we'll figure it out.



You can look on the web in many places, including http://www.nfl.com/news/00schedule.html.

That's not really a question, but yes, it is.

Yes. Awesome.

Not really. No.


Not really. No.

Look, do you have any more questions about the football pool?

That's it. You're done. Any other questions, email me.

I said you were done.


That's what I thought.


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