2001 Football Pool Weekly Update

Playoffs - Superbowl

At last.

We have reached the end of the road. The big game has been played. It was close. It was hard-fought. It was, quite simply, what football is all about. The result: AFC 38, NFC 30. Nothing beats football in Hawaii.

But before that, there was another game, one with very important consequences. Yeah, yeah, World Champion Football Team, of course, but meanwhile, in a little corner of the web, three weary travelers sat and awaited the results of the game, a long, topsy and/or turvy season about to be behind them. But what would lay in front of them? Riches? Or nothing?

The standings...

1 Winner
200 Happy to be nominated

But first, other stats...
Longest survivor with no losses: Kevin Lund, Week 12
Longest survivor with one loss: Bob Holzmacher & Mike Sulatycke, Championship Weekend
Longest correct-picking streak: Bob Holzmacher & Mike Sulatycke, 13 weeks
Most incorrect picks in a week: 160, Week 7
Most deaths in a week: 49, Week 11

And the Longest Surviving...
Previous champ: Nicole Sullivan, Week 13
Ducey relative: The Dickshot Sisters, Week 13
Seton High School graduate: Pat Carey & Tom Mollen, Week 13
"Jerk": Nicole Sullivan & Marc Silverstein, Week 13
Manoux: JP & The Twins, Week 17
Mojo: Frank Doyno, Week 17
Harvard graduate: Dan Zelman, Playoffs Wk 2
Binghamton native: Mike Sulatycke, Superbowl

And the longest surviving survivor of them all:


The XFL may have come and gone, but the Rudofsky family is here to stay. And they have 1800 reasons to celebrate. Rudofsky put it all on the New England Patriots and came up big. She is the sole winner of the entire 2001 Football Pool jackpot. She and her Patriots have won $1800. (That's a lot of money, sure, but it won't even buy you a back-up quarterback on some teams.)

And it's only fair to give the departing players a proper send-off. We officially lost Lund~K and Walsh this Sunday, both victims of a NoPick situation. And we lost the favorites. With two weeks to go, they appeared to be invincible. Beating them was as likely as the freakin' Patriots winning the whole thing. And yet... Good-bye to Holzmacher and Sulatycke. They were names that inspired fear down the stretch. Now they are just a footnote to the final results. You fought well, gentlemen.

And for the rest of you, start thinking about re-alignment. We'll have to learn to love that heated Falcon-Buccaneer rivalry. And fasten your seatbelts when the Colts travel the country to take on their division rivals, the Texans. Sounds like a rootin-tootin rodeo to me.

Thanks for playing. Congratulations again to Rudofsky!

See you in a few months.


Pool birthdays...

02/04 Stein~J

04/06 Kessler~G

04/15 Sylwester~S

04/21 Sullivan~N

04/23 Rice~G

04/28 Dickshot~Mag

05/10 Mollen~Dr.T

05/25 Kessler~T

06/08 Manoux~JP

06/15 Dickshot~Jo

07/07 Dickshot-Logue

07/23 Flower

08/08 Vaughan

08/10 Dcksht-Kennedy

08/15 Meister

08/23 Cook

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