2001 Football Pool Frequently Asked Questions...

Dear Footballers,

As America tries to return to normalcy, the NFL and, of course, our little pool kick back into gear.

We have made it through the opening weekend with everyone's $$$ and picks arriving in a mad flurry as the deadline approached. Week One went off almost without a hitch. There are some questions floating around and I thought I should address them here so that if someone else had the same concerns, this would take care of it.

If you are considering asking me this question, please check the main board. Anyone with an asterisk next to his/her name is, as of this writing, unpaid.

It is on ducey.com, specifically at www.ducey.com/pool2001


OK, there is kind of another board. At some point on Saturday, once all of the picks have been posted on the main board, I try to reorganize them by "team picked" on another page. You can view that page by clicking on the WEEK heading at the top of the column. That info is most useful for watching the games on Sunday to see how many people will take a loss for the week. I will add, though, that the main board is the official one. I apologize for any discrepancies that appear.


Send your pick, via email, to pool2001@ducey.com

Well, technically, no. Sending an email to that address should result in TWO emails going out. One goes to me and one goes back to you.

It says, very simply, "email received."

Send your email again.

There are a couple of people that, for whatever reason, are not getting a reply email because of how their work email is set up. If that happens to you, let me know and we will set up an alternate arrangement for submitting picks.

I then receive an email with about 25 lines of computer mumbo-jumbo followed by your original email.

Yes. Sort of. The subject line is buried within the aforementioned mumbo-jumbo. So I don't read the subject line unless I go looking for it. Some people use the subject line for their actual picks. While that might seem to make things easier for me, and in the past it has, this new set-up actually makes things a little harder.


When you submit a pick, this is what works best for me: Put your whole name and your pick in the body of your email. I can't always identify people by their email addresses and with so many people in the pool this year, it's time-consuming to go looking for an email match in my contacts.

That's one way to look at it.



Those were written by the pool contestants. Along with your full name and pick for the week, a hearty aside or reflection or prediction is always welcome. As previous players know, the weekly update is most enjoyable when sprinkled with the words of the people.

Is that a question?

Yes, it was unexpected.

No, probably not.

Well, mostly because it's too late. And it's really not all that clever or funny.


Saturday morning at dawn.

Dawn from wherever you are sitting when you send the email. Anyone in Hawaii has a few extra hours to contemplate his pick.

You're better off thinking of it as Friday night. Dawn comes pretty early for most of us. Send in your pick before you go to bed Friday night. (In fact, sooner is better. That gives you time to check the main board to be sure it reached me.)

That's fine. Picks can be changed up until Saturday at dawn as well.



I'm not even going to address that.

That's what Saturday is for. (Or any day before that if you send your pick in early.) Please check the board Saturday during the day and alert me that something is amiss. That way we can straighten it out BEFORE any games kick off. Calling me Sunday afternoon at 3:30 makes things less simple to fix.

You can't. You must pick a winner in a Sunday or Monday game. Even Saturday games during the regular season are OFF-LIMITS. Do not plan for a late-December Saturday pick.

Then Saturday games will be allowed.

The rules are laid out as simply as I could muster on the website. You can find them by clicking on RULES at the top of the main board.

Is that all then?


As I understand it, those games will be played during an added "Week 18" at the end of the regular season and one round of the playoffs will be lost. Plan your picks accordingly.

You're welcome.


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