2000 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week Two

"Tough week... but I think it's going to be a tough season." --Breehey

Yes, Breehey. We were reminded this week that the NFL is unpredictable. There were many exciting games that went down to the wire, one-point wins, huge comebacks. And a .500 record for the once-lowly Cleveland Browns. If only they could play Cincinnati every other week.

"This week I am going with Cincinnati. It is a little scary picking a team that won only 11 games in the 90's. If I lose this week I have only myself to blame." --Kennedy

I think we all blame you. The Battle for Ohio dealt the first powerful blow to the football pool standings. But there were others...

"Eagles will prove they are no joke and basically that the Cowboys suck." --McGuigan

Now, while the Eagles may have proven that they ARE a joke, the Cowboys can still, and do, suck. Total damage to the football pool this week: 50 losses. That leaves the standings like this:

00 LOSS -- 1st place -- 74 contestants
01 LOSS -- 2nd place -- 56 contestants
02 LOSS -- 3rd place -- 1 contestant

"Good news is I can’t pick Dallas again. Thusly, I will go with San Diego over New Orleans." --Dresden

Yeah, that's the bad news.

One man stands alone at the bottom of the pack. One soldier who has sustained life-threatening injuries. But he still stands. Last year, all three winners had two losses. It is true that Dresden has reached that plateau early, but he is not out of it yet. No one is. There is much football to play. If we learned but one thing from Week Two, it's that a 21-point lead means virtually nothing. It's not over until it's over, Sir Dresden. As long as the cities of Cleveland and New Orleans continue to have professional football teams, anything can happen.

Picks are due before sunrise on Saturday. Do not, and I repeat, do not, and I repeat, do not pick the same team twice during the season. NO REPEAT PICKS.


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