2000 Football Pool Weekly Update

Week One

Well, well, well. "Wild Week One" in the NFL was anything but. It seems like all of the teams that should have won went out there and did just that. Atlanta, Jacksonville, Washington, New York, Oakland, Detroit... what happened to the crazy upsets we grew to know so well in 1999? Either this pool has suddenly become too terribly easy or we have simply gathered 130 of the smartest people in the free world.

"How could anyone even think of picking against PHILLY? They've got a guy named DUCE." –JP Manoux

OK, so not everybody won that was supposed to. The Eagles opened their 2000 season with a SUCCESSFUL on-sides kickoff that set the tone for the ensuing decimation of the Dallas Cowboys. I don't know when Dallas will be "expected to win" again. Not in the near future. If that's America's team, this country is in trouble.

"Are we allowed to vote alphabetically (ala Sean from Survivor)?" --Holly Houska

You can vote any way you want. Last year we did have an alphabetical voter. Lisa Cerasoli chose this route... Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Detroit, Green Bay. I would continue to list her picks but that was the end of them. Six weeks and she had to hit the alphabetical showers. This past week, it was quite hard to pick a loser. As it stands now we have 131 entrants in this contest. Of that number only 8 picked a losing team. Only 8.

The standings are as follows...
1st place: 123 PEOPLE
2nd place: 8 PEOPLE

"Here goes the beginning of 3 weeks of gambling fun." –Jeff Steck

It doesn't look like there will be a repeat of the three-and-out folk from last year. There were only three of them, and not a one has returned to the pool this year. Once bitten, twice shy I guess.

Oh, and did I mention (I know I did) that there are 131 people in this pool? I haven't worked out all the math, but if you can win this thing, you are looking at a hefty jackpot. This is no pat on the back. This is a truckload of good ol' fashioned American greenbacks. Take that, Nasdaq.

And so I wish you good luck as you head into Week Two, although I feel like very few of you need it. Your pick is due this Saturday at dawn. No exceptions, no excuses. And DO NOT repeat your pick from Week One. If anyone could possibly have missed that rule, there are NO REPEAT PICKS allowed during the regular season. Be unique. Be daring. Be yourself.


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