Audition report--

I had the sides faxed to the Excalibur Sports Book in Las Vegas today as I sat with Uncle Dukie reading up on and trying to understand horse handicapping. My flight was due to get into Burbank at 3:40pm and the audition was at 4:00. Leave it to Vegas to generate an audition.

The part is a cute one and I can put all of my "Game Night" experience to use. It's an old buddy of the lead and the two of them have always been very competitive. They get into a game of charades after dinner and the fighting spirit emerges.

My reading was fine. We did the first scene twice, the second time shooting for more cocky, but I think it just got a little more boring, so I need to work on the cocky angle tonight. It'll help having the sides somewhere besides the jammed-full SouthWest airlines jumbo jet. Should be a bit easier to preapre.

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