Testing report--

Yow. Not so great. I strolled into the offices of Brillstein-Grey this morning at eleven and proceeded to underwhelm them all. This first part of the testing process was to perform the scene for the production company executives. Two hours later, if one survived, the network executives would get their own showing and the final decision would be made. I nearly took myself out of the running with a markedly lackluster performance of the two scenes from this, my favorite pilot.

The response from the gentlemen and ladies in the room was kind but reserved. They didn't fall in love with me in the three minutes that I plied my wares for them, but they were not disgusted by me either. They allowed me to proceed to the final step of the process with one of the two other potential Ricks there that morning. So I dodged the bullet. By one o'clock, though, I needed to wrest the gun from their hands and go on a shooting spree of my own.

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