After the taping...

  • "I have been in the business twenty-two years, and this guy is dynamite. He's one in a million. There's something so unique about the way he delivers a line. How many people can talk about having no dignity and get a laugh? He's really something."
    --Gil Junger, Director, to my agent after the show

  • "You did so well. We're all so proud of you. Having someone like you is tremendous fun for us."
    --Joel King and Nina Pakula, my agents
  • "It was The John Ducey Show. You were so good."
    --Shawn Simons and Bob Glouberman
  • "Great job tonight, very funny, right on the money, you delivered every time. You're doing great work; you're in your stride. Keep it up!"
    --Terry Ward
  • "I'll let the family know what a great job you did!"
    --Bridget Beck, Cousin

[with Alex McKenna]

with Alex McKenna

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