Audition report--

Right after my facial expression outing, I drove out Sunset all the way to the coast, to Pacific Palisades. Once there, a security guard gave me a parking permit and I scooted into the "Edgewater Towers" condo complex.

I met with Todd and Brian in their very nice condo/apartment building. Todd is, in fact, a Brown graduate, a fellow Ivy Leaguer. We sat on the couch and chatted, and then he explained the piece -- there's three big guys in a bar being all macho and cool (and somewhat sleazy) until a beautiful woman comes in and they become shy and tense. Then there's this little scrawny geek guy who they make fun of at the beginning, and it ends up he gets the girl.

So, I told, as a sleaze ball, how I go about picking up chicks at bars. I went with a touch of Brooklyn accent, was very sex oriented, and even threw in the "Is your Dad a thief?" line to seal the deal.

After a short sleaze stint, I went through the geek's story, from being alone at the bar, to getting picked on, to seeing the babe, to the guys freezing up, to her calling me over, to geekoid dancing. I think they liked it.

The problem: they're shooting it on Sunday, November 3rd, the same day of the Tomorrow shoot. So, it looks bad for Guys but maybe these two will do something again soon that I could get into. Anyway, we'll wait and see.


I got it! In fact, he wanted to use me in a big part (so he says) but couldn't because of my commitment to Tomorrow. So, he's sneaking me in at the end of the film for quick two-second bit. I'm planning on sneaking away from Mr. Nash for a bit on on Sunday. I hope I can.

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